SSD upgrade for Dual Boot MacBook Pro

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  • I slowly got more and more annoyed by my ageing MacBook Pro (MBP) (a Core 2 Duo with 2.16GHz from the end of 2006). New applications such as iPhoto 11 and iMovie 11 didn’t help neither to improve my satisfaction with its performance.

But upgrade options are limited with any laptop. I had already replaced the original 160GB HDD with a 500GB Western Digital (WD) Scorpio Blue. Ram is an option but limited to 3GB (I’ll write an extra post about that). The only option again is the HDD and its replacement with a super fast SSD. But at the same time I didn’t want to loose the storage capacity of my existing 500GB WD. I therefore replaced my Superdrive (which I hardly use) with my 500GB WD which I in return replaced with a 120GB Patriot Inferno.

UPDATE: After upgrading your MBP in this fashion (with your user directory on the second HDD) do NOT change that HDD’s name. I just got the biggest fright when MacOS told me that “Login was unsuccessful due to an error.” Changing the name back to the old one fixed the problem.

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Friday, December 31st, 2010 IT, Reviews 7 Comments

Tron Legacy (8/10)

Tron Legacy @

Let me start with saying that I’m a big fan of “Tron” from 1982. I was exited and cautious at the same time when I heard of a remake. But then one has to see with one’s own eyes…

I watched “Tron” right before heading to IMAX to watch “Tron Legacy” in 3D making it a double feature.

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Saturday, December 25th, 2010 Reviews 1 Comment

Hiking Food

Luxury hiking in NZ

Especially on multi-day hikes the right selection of food gains importance. I’m still at a level where I want to keep the weight of my backpack down (in contrast to gourmet hiking…). I’m not an expert when it comes to food but I think over time I found a few good things to take on long hikes. Freeze-dried food from Backcountry Cuisine is certainly higher quality and fancier but with 10-15 A$ per package also quite expansive. I could eat out for that price. Wait a second I am eating out…

In this post I focus on cheap hiking food that keeps you going. I stress weight vs. energy ratios here but keep in mind that you want a combination of longer lasting energy such as carbohydrates and quick energy from sugar and alike. All food in this list either cooks quickly or can be eaten ‘as is’.

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Saturday, February 13th, 2010 Hiking, Reviews No Comments

Hiking Gear - Salomon mid-cut shoes

... made for walking

The by far most important thing while hiking are your legs and feet. Therefore the most important item for hiking are shoes. Good shoes.
I’ve owned my Salomon shoes (can’t find the model name any more) now for about three years and they have served me well. Back in the day I went for boots which gave me ankle support but were light and allowed my feet to breath a bit. They have leather and rubber parts but also Gore Tex fabric. This still works great for me in warm climate while I start to see limitations with rainy weather and muddy tracks.

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Saturday, February 13th, 2010 Hiking, Reviews No Comments

Wolverine (5/10)

Wolverine poster

I enjoyed the X-Men movies so Wolverine was a natural choice. I’ve to say that I haven’t read any of the comics, I only review this as a movie.

I’ve the feeling it’s yet another movie were the producers didn’t take the audience seriously. A movie were the main character is supposed to have edges and dark sides but in fact doesn’t have that at all. A movie were there are so many mistakes that I want to shout out loud “We’re not stupid just because we watch a movie based on a comic!”
Yea, it’s all a big bubble gum festival with lots of action but not much brain. The sad thing is that the movie tries to be more. This gives me the feeling that the producers were either incompetent or think the audience is a bit dense.

Funnily I enjoyed watching big parts of the flick. The bad after-taste developed during the next days. That’s why I still give 5 points.

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Friday, May 8th, 2009 Reviews 1 Comment

Consider Phlebas (6/10)

Consider Phlebas

This SciFi book had a massive dip somewhere in the middle. I was close to putting it aside and never look at it again. I especially was annoyed by certain names which reminded me to much of British SciFi in the 80s. But curiosity was stronger which I didn’t regret. Iain M. Banks increases the pace and focus in the last third of the book which makes it a decent read. The ending was surprising to me and very different then I’d expected. It left me staring at the ceiling for a few minutes while the book was lying next to my pillow. And it makes me write this post.

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Thursday, May 7th, 2009 Reviews No Comments

Horus Heresy: Horus Rising (9/10)

Horus Rising

It’s review day, so here we go! For a long time I was fascinated by the ‘Warhammer 40,000′ universe but found it hard to get a starting point. The guys from the local Games Workshop recommended the ‘Horus Heresy’ placed in the 31st century - so 9000 years before ‘40k. The first book - ‘Horus Rising’ - took me by storm. Dan Abnett created one hell of a book.

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Monday, March 2nd, 2009 Reviews 8 Comments

WarCraft: War of the Ancients (7/10)

War of the Ancients

I bought and read this book in New Zealand, therefore this was my first entertaining book in English. It contains the books ‘The Well of Eternity’, ‘The Demon Soul’ and ‘The Sundering’ in more than 700 rather big pages. I enjoyed reading this book mainly because of my interest in the Warcraft universe which games I played from ‘Warcraft: Orcs and Humans’ to ‘World of Warcraft’. I simply wanted to have more background information of this vibrant universe, especially of the early days of the mortal races.

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Monday, March 2nd, 2009 Reviews No Comments

Flight of the Conchords (9/10)

Season 1

Flight of the Conchords is a NZ comedy duo and comedy series (radio and TV) staring two Kiwi guys who form a band and try and make it in the USA (TV-series) / UK (radio-series). They call themselves “Formerly New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo a capella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo”. They are definite hilarious and made my day quite often in New Zealand. What becomes apparent quickly is the amount of singing in the show. Whenever a critical point is reached the series turns into a music video - leaving you with tears in the eyes or just with your mouth wide open.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 New Zealand, Reviews 2 Comments

A Complete History of my Sexual Failures

You know those night when you talk with someone really really well and you’re totally astound how deep that person is and how much you’re able to find our about yourself? There are movies like it: Breakfast Club comes to my mind right away.
Unfortunately “A Complete History…” is not like that. In the beginning I thought it might be, but then it turned out to have bored me to the point where I asked myself how much of this is fake and how much is documentary. It wasn’t opening my mind nor had I the feeling it did with the main character.
I still give 5 of 10 because it had some interesting/funny/strange parts which I enjoyed. (I saw it at the New Zealand Film Festivals.)

My comment at IMDb.

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 Reviews No Comments
Half a meter of fog creeps over the footy oval on this chilly morning while the first rays of sunlight tickle the clouds behind gum trees and the magpies croak their once so alien song.
  • Scattered Clouds
  • Temperature: 15°C
  • Wind: SSE at 24 km/h
  • Clouds: Scattered Clouds
  • Humidity: 62.9%
  • Snow
  • Temperature: 0°C
  • Wind Chill: -5°C
  • Wind: SW at 19 km/h
  • Clouds: Overcast