Walls of Jerusalem to Lake St. Claire via Never Never (7-day walk)

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Food for 7 days

61km, 1400m ascend, 1500m descend, 7 days, grade: medium/hard

This hike traverses two of Tasmania’s most amazing national parks: Cradle Mountain - Lake St Claire and Walls of Jerusalem. For the most part it bypasses the crowds of the Overland Track in exchange of the solitude of the Mersey River. It crosses through an untracked valley, the Never Never, to make the link with the Overland Track.
This is a hike for experienced bushwalkers only who can be self sufficient for a whole week. Even though there are huts along the way it is necessary to carry a tent (some huts are emergency use only). Carrying a PLB is recommended. We walked end of April, your weather may (and will) differ. Be prepared for rain and even snow at any time of the year.


7 days in one photo...

Day 1: Wall of Jerusalem - Into the Walls (6km)
Day 2: Wall of Jerusalem - The West Wall (10km, 350m ascend and descend, 6-7 hours)
Day 3: Walls of Jerusalem - Heading South (13km)
Day 4: Lake Adelaide, Lake Meston, Junction Lake (13km)
Day 5: The Never Never (10km)
Day 6: Pine Valley (10km)
Day 7: Lake St. Claire (9km)


Map overview of the hike and link to Google maps


Profile of the walk


Food for 7 days

You’re responsible for your own safety. Those resources are for illustration purpose and don’t replace a map, experience and common sense.

•    Book: Cradle Mountain Lake St Claire and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks (Chapman & Siseman)
•    TASMAP: Walls Of Jerusalem National Park
•    TASMAP: 4235 Du Cane (1:25000)
•    TASMAP: 4236 Cathedral (1:25000) not strictly necessary for the hike itself but for backup routes north to Mersey River Road
•    WWW: Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania: Walls of Jerusalem
•    WWW: Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania: Cradle Mountain - Lake St Claire
•    KMZ: Google Earth export

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Sunday, September 11th, 2011 Bushwalking Tasmania, Hiking

4 Comments to Walls of Jerusalem to Lake St. Claire via Never Never (7-day walk)

  • Ron Finkel says:

    Does it cost to walk the section from the the walls to pine valley.and do we have to pay for the overland section even though we r only on their for its last leg


  • Flo says:

    Hi Ron,
    if you walk only a section of the Overland Track as part of a different hike it generally doesn’t cost anything. If that section is 3/4 of the whole track it might be different. We didn’t need to pay for the last bit.
    You might not get a place in the huts though but you should carry a tent on the Overland Track anyway because hut places are not guaranteed.

  • Nick says:

    Are water tanks available at the huts like on the overland track?

  • Flo says:

    There are tabs and tanks in the Walls but south of that it’s only creeks and lakes. All the huts you’ll find are historic and not ideal for use. I’d only use them in an emergency or for cooking in foul weather. They’re in no way like the huts on the Overland Track.

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