Wall of Jerusalem - Into the Walls (day 1)

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6km, 500m ascend, 3-4 hours

We started the actual hike in the early afternoon. We had flown into Launceston and were picked up by friends with whom we spent a few ours before they dropped us off at Walls of Jerusalem car park.

This marked the beginning of a 7-day walk and our backpacks were packed to their limits. We still manage with our 40+10l Deuter packs; quite surprising in winter with the heavier gear. We also had a few firsts on this walk: hiking poles and a new down sleeping bags. We had of course tested that equipment before but not on a multi-day hike.


Entering the national park

So off we went, up the 500m climb to the central plateau. Slow and steady till we reached Trappers Hut. Really, we had forgotten to fill our hydration bags and the little stream close to the hut provided a welcome refreshment. The hut is fairly roomy and would make a good emergency stop.


Trappers Hut

After a little break we pressed on with the sun clearly already making a dive towards the horizon. The weather was great as predicted by the forecast and we got our first views of the surrounding mountains of Tasmania. We were only walking for a few hours by now but I already found the first leech firmly attached to my leg (I suspect the creek at Trappers Hut). Little did we know that we would get quite used to this sight… But for now, Solomons Jewels were catching our attention with their beautiful reflections. King Davids Peak became visible soon and we made it to Wild Dog Creek camping area just when the sun started setting.


Solomons Jewels


King Davids Peak towering over Wild Dog Creek campsite

Different to hiking in summer it gets cold almost instantly after sunset. We hurried setting up tent, inflating the sleeping mats and letting the sleeping bags gain volume. We scoffed our dinner - instant noodle soup and risotto. We couldn’t wait to get into our sleeping bags, shivering and with stiff hands. This would be a cold night at 1200m, end of April in Tasmania. We wore pretty much all our cloth: 2 pairs of socks, long johns, pants, first layer, woolen long sleeve,  fleece, gloves, neck gaiter, beanie. Our sleeping bags are rated -10C but obviously one doesn’t want to aim for maxing this out. We slept fairly well and warm. I reckon it must have had some -5C over night with condensation freezing inside of the tent and the water tap as well as most puddles being frozen in the morning. The sleeping bag from MEC got its “seal of approval”.


You’re responsible for your own safety. Those resources are for illustration purpose and don’t replace a map, experience and common sense.

•    Book: Cradle Mountain Lake St Claire and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks (Chapman & Siseman)
•    TASMAP: Walls Of Jerusalem National Park
•    WWW: Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania: Walls of Jerusalem
•    KMZ: Google Earth export

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Sunday, September 11th, 2011 Bushwalking Tasmania, Hiking

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