Lake St. Claire (day 7)

Galerie 2011-04-30 Lake St. Claire anzeigen.

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9km, 100m descend, 3 hours, grade: easy

Time to “walk out”. We only had to walk down to Lake St. Claire to catch the ferry - some 3-4 hours from memory. We then radioed the ferry company to confirm our booking and spent the next few hours waiting, eating, chatting and writing diary. It started to become overcast for the first time since we started six days ago.

When we then finally wanted to board the ferry we were told that they had overbooked and could not take us any more. Instead of valuing our booking (which they had confirmed just a few hours earlier), they took people without a booking from one of their big customers, a guided walking company. We were seriously upset. Luckily for us they at least had another boat this day. Our friend on the other side was waiting for us though… When we finally arrived on the southern side of Lake St. Claire we discussed the situation with the manager. After a long discussion we got some 20% off our ticket price. I just don’t like when companies treat their customers in such a way. Unfortunately there’s only one ferry company on the lake which is probably also the reason for their behaviour.

Planes around Lake St. Claire

Looks like rain for the first time in 7 days

Lake St. Claire and Mt Olympus before the rain

Let me finish this post with some happier notes though. We had a wonderful 7 days in Tasmania. Not a single drop of rain fell on us. We had sunshine for 6 out of 7 days and walked some 70km with some of the most remote hiking we had ever done. Already on the way back to Deloraine we started to think about the next possible walk. Our friends fed and watered us with beautiful home-made pizzas and Tasmanian beer.


You’re responsible for your own safety. Those resources are for illustration purpose and don’t replace a map, experie
nce and common sense.
•    Book: Cradle Mountain Lake St Claire and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks (Chapman & Siseman)
•    TASMAP: Walls Of Jerusalem National Park
•    TASMAP: 4235 Du Cane (1:25000)
•    WWW: Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania: Cradle Mountain - Lake St Claire
•    KMZ: Google Earth export

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Saturday, September 10th, 2011 Bushwalking Tasmania, Hiking

4 Comments to Lake St. Claire (day 7)

  • Now that is some beautiful scenery.

  • Flo says:

    Thank you. Now you should know better than I do looking at your URL. :) Happy fishing.

  • Rod says:

    I also found the people running the business centre/ferry/cafe very rude. I had a few heated discussions with them, they don’t seem to value customers at all.

    Much better hospitality can be found down at the Derwent Bridge hotel (5km). They will also pick you up from Cynthia Bay/Lake St Clair! Better people, food, wine, cheap accomm, etc.

  • Flo says:

    Thanks for the tip Rod!

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