Bushwalking South Australia

Heysen Trail: 4 days from Parachilna to Wilpena


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I wanted to see the outback again and finally go hiking in this harsh yet beautiful landscape. I choose the Heysen Trail over the Larapinta Trail not just because it’s easier and cheaper to get to the Heysen. I knew I didn’t have enough time to hike the whole Larapinta and really wanted to attempt it as a whole.

The Heysen Trail is a long distance hike which is 1200 km long. It’s located in South Australia and stretches from Parachilna Gorge in the Flinders Ranges to Cape Jervis. I decided to start at the most northern end since this area interests me most. I also like to arrange my transport in a way so that I start at the furthest point and return to my car. The initial idea was to hike 9 days from Angorichina to Hawker but due to injury I needed to abort the hike after 4 days in Wilpena.

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Half a meter of fog creeps over the footy oval on this chilly morning while the first rays of sunlight tickle the clouds behind gum trees and the magpies croak their once so alien song.
  • Cloud and Visibility OK
  • Temperature: 27°C
  • Wind: S at 26 km/h
  • Clouds: Cloud and Visibility OK
  • Humidity: 42.0%
  • Broken Clouds
  • Temperature: 3°C
  • Wind Chill: -2°C
  • Wind: W at 19 km/h
  • Clouds: Broken Clouds
  • Humidity: 86.7%